Friday, January 2, 2015

The Avett Brothers - Raleigh, NC 2014-12-31 (concert)

As part of her Christmas present, I bought tickets for Danette and her family to see the Avett Brothers at the PNC Arena in Raleigh NC on New Years Eve 2014.  Since it was NYE and they're from NC, it was an extra long show (~3 hours of music) and they had several special guests, including their sister Bonnie and father Jim.  They put on an excellent show, but our seats (section 305) were not very good, as the picture to the left indicates (taken during the end of "Kick Drum Heart", IIRC, where bassist Bob Crawford was so overcome that he just had to sit down to play).  We were basically eye-level with the balloons they dropped from the ceiling at midnight.  Danette blogged about the show, and the Raleigh News & Observer had a glowing concert review as well.

I've often wondered that those who film shows on their mobile phones record the moment at the expense of not actually experiencing the moment.  It's not something that we typically do (other than a few pics like the above just to prove we were there), but in this case our seats were so bad that various uploaded Youtube videos (some of them recorded quite well) from the show actually let us experience (sort of) what we missed from our seats.  Borrowing the setlist from (and making some of my own corrections/additions), below is a list of songs from the Avett Brothers 2014 NYE show, with links to the videos where available:
Additions / corrections welcome.

Bonus link: 2014-12-30 Interview with Joe Kwon