Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Big Audio Dynamite II - "Rush" (forgotten song)

Shortly after Mick Jones was fired from The Clash, he formed
Big Audio Dynamite (BAD). BAD, which also featured Don Letts, explored the genre-bending, hip-hop/rock crossovers that The Clash had explored in earlier releases like "This is Radio Clash" and "Sandinista!". BAD made music that was ahead of its time, but it never really had a stable line up. Starting in 1990, due to line up changes the band was billed as "Big Audio Dynamite II" and by the time of 1991's "The Globe" LP, only Mick Jones remained as the original member.

The first single from "The Globe" was "Rush" and it fared pretty well on radio. I'm always of two minds when I hear this song: 1) Why did this amazing song not receive more airplay than it did, and 2) How did this song receive any airplay? The minute long "break" (approximately 1:51 - 2:58) breaks every rule imaginable for a successful single.

Link: studio version, studio version (, live version.

P.S. SonyBMG gets it. WMG still doesn't.

P.P.S. With the advent of Vevo, SonyBMG gets it a lot less than they used to.

P.P.P.S. SonyBMG / Vevo no longer get it.

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