Saturday, July 25, 2009

Those Dancing Days - "Those Dancing Days" (LP Review)

"Those Dancing Days" is the initial 5 song EP from the Swedish, female band "Those Dancing Days". Infectious pop exports from Sweden? No, it doesn't sound like them.

TDD make fun, fluffy pop songs -- nothing more, nothing less. "Hitten" is a good song, but "Those Dancing Days" is the best of the bunch with a strong hook and interesting drumming. On most songs Cissi Edraimsson, the drummer, seems like she's holding the rest of the band back, but her fills work on this song. "1000 Words" and "Dischoe" are decent songs, with only "Tasty Boy" worth skipping.

The EP was initially released on V2 Music, but the band has since been picked up by Wichita Recordings. Wichita must have thought "Hitten" & "Those Dancing Days" were the best songs as well since those are the only two that made it to their 2008 debut LP "In Our Space Hero Suits". Ultimately this is a cute, but not essential, EP.

Standout Tracks: "Hitten", "Those Dancing Days".

Skip 'em Tracks: "Tasty Boy".

Final Score: 6/10.

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