Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Connells - "Stone Cold Yesterday" (forgotten song)

Some time ago while discussing their excellent single "Scotty's Lament", I covered the situation with the majority of The Connells' back catalog being in legal limbo. I'm not sure we're any closer to a reissue, and although used copies can be reasonably had via places like Amazon, we'll just have to make do by revisiting one of their forgotten songs.

"Stone Cold Yesterday" is the opening track of their fourth LP, 1990's "One Simple Word". 1990 was an interesting time -- the jangle pop, college radio sound of the 80s about to fall out of favor; the spotlight would soon move from places like Athens, GA to Seattle, WA and "alternative" music was about to become mainstream. And although The Connells continued to release their brand of music for another decade (scoring another hit in 1993 with "74-75"), we can mark the passing of the 1980s college radio sound with this nostalgic song. A strong hook, jangly guitars, cryptic & sentimental lyrics -- it's like the 1980s never ended.

"Stone Cold Yesterday": YouTube (the sound quality is a little distorted, presumably from VHS transfer),

P.S. Notice the "120 Minutes" logo near the beginning of the video? Stone cold yesterday indeed!

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