Thursday, April 5, 2012

Jim Carroll - "People Who Died" (forgotten song)

Danette pointed out that memorials were becoming an unfortunate theme as of late (e.g., Ronnie Montrose, Clarence Clemons, Ronnie James Dio) so naturally the appropriate song is Jim Carroll's "People Who Died", which tells the autobiographical story from Carroll's 1978 book "Basketball Diaries" (and made into a film of the same name in 1995). Aside from the film's soundtrack, the song originally appeared on The Jim Carroll Band's 1980 LP "Catholic Boy".

You occasionally hear this song on the radio, but only when they're playing alternative 80s or something like that. That's too bad, because this is a great song and features prominently on several of my playlists. The take away message from this song is: you and your friends aren't nearly as screwed up as Jim and his friends...

I was surprised to learn that Jim Carroll recently (2009) joined the people who died.

Jim Carroll Band: Basketball Diaries Film Video, live (198x?), studio version (with lyrics)

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