Friday, August 17, 2012

The Clash - "I Fought The Law" (The Song Remains The Same)

Russia now has the most legitimate contemporary punk band I can think of: Pussy Riot, who are now officially "hooligans". Lots of artists have "gaming debts, ... drunken routs, ... debauches, intrigues, seductions"*, but "excess ain't rebellion".  How many are willing to risk jail for political protest?

As a result, I can only conclude there is now a "punk gap"** between Russia and the US/UK.  Alert Buck Turgidson, this is serious...

In support of Pussy Riot's protest of Putin, I offer "I Fought The Law".  Originally written in 1958 by Sonny Curtis and performed by The Crickets, it was made famous in 1965 by the Bobby Fuller Four.  It has been covered by every band imaginable, but probably none better than "the only band that matters".  Where have you gone Joe Strummer?  A nation turns its lonely eyes to you.

"I Fought The Law":  The Clash (live, studio), The Crickets, Bobby Fuller Four.

* Jane Austen, O.R.G. (original riot grrrl).
** "punk gap" is not to be confused with "GAP punk", although both are sad in their own way.

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