Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Cure - "High" (forgotten song)

Another birthday song for Danette.  The last two have been punk songs ("Punk Rock Girl" and "Josie"), so this time we'll pull from the related goth genre.  

"High" is the first single from The Cure's 1992 LP "Wish" and while "Robert Smith was (is) still sad", I'm glad he took some time off to write this uncharacteristically joyful song.  The playful wording, the memorable guitar riff...  three and half minutes of perfection that always made me think of Danette:

when i see you sky as a kite
as high as i might           
i can't get that high       
the how you move              
the way you burst the clouds
it makes me want to try 

The Cure: "High", live version, extended version

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