Thursday, January 3, 2013

Waxing Poetics - "Blue-Eyed Soul" (forgotten song)

Danette and I went to the Waxing Poetics reunion show on December 30, 2012 @ The Norva.  They put on a really good show in front of a large crowd, and at nearly 2.5 hours long they must have played every song from their three studio LPs.

If you don't know, the Waxing Poetics were a Norfolk-based band active from 1983-1991.  Periodically they do reunion shows (here's an article about their 2003 reunion show), but for the most part they are dormant.  They had a few hits on the radio and were poised to make it big, but for some reason it never happened. The Virginian Pilot has a nice article explaining the history & significance of the band, and their relation to R.E.M. & Carol Taylor.
I never saw them live back in the day, so I was excited to finally see them, albeit ~25 years late.  Our first thought at looking at the band -- and the crowd that came to see the band -- was "who are these old people?!" It's a good thing we're not that old...

Their biggest LP was 1988's "Manakin Moon", and that LP featured their biggest single was "Baby Jane".  My personal favorite song was "Blue-Eyed Soul" (also from the same LP), which they did a crunching version of near the end of their first set.  And for a brief period, it was 1988.

Blue-Eyed Soul: live 1990, studio

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