Sunday, June 28, 2015

Connan Mockasin - "Caramel" (LP Review)

I can only describe Connan Mockasin's 2013 LP "Caramel" as the soundtrack for Prince's fevered, imp-infested, slow-motion, pornographic, Shaun-Cassidy-trapped-in-Twin-Peaks, hallucination-within-a-dream.

Herbert turned me onto this LP about a year ago.  The professional reviews for this LP are mixed, and mostly because of its break with his more conventional prior material (of which I'm unfamiliar). I won't claim I completely understand this LP, but there is something weirdly beautiful happening here -- you just have to listen and decide if it works for you. 

I'm going to break from my regular LP review format and just list the 11 songs since although they're distinct, they're so inter-related that you really shouldn't separate them out.
  1. "Nothing Lasts Forever"        
  2. "Caramel"      
  3. "I'm the Man, That Will Find You" (official video)
  4. "Do I Make You Feel Shy?" (official video)
  5. "Why Are You Crying?"          
  6. "It's Your Body 1" (live)     
  7. "It's Your Body 2"     
  8. "It's Your Body 3"     
  9. "It's Your Body 4"     
  10. "It's Your Body 5"     
  11. "I Wanna Roll with You" (live)
The official & live videos, while sufficiently surreal, somehow aren't surreal enough compare to the visions the songs conjure in my mind. 

Final score: 7/10.  It grows on you; I reserve the right to raise this in the future.

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