Monday, August 31, 2015

Galaxie 500 - "Rain" (the song remains the same)

The last release from Galaxie 500 before they broke up was the single "Rain",  recorded live in 1989 at NYC's iconic CBGB and then released in 1990.  Galaxie 500's choice of covers were always impeccable (see my review of their "Peel Sessions" LP), and their version of "Rain" is no different.  "Rain" is probably the most famous B-side (the A-side was "Paperback Writer") from The Beatles canon, and was recorded during the "Revolver" sessions (the non-LP single came out a few months before "Revolver" was released).  With backwards vocals at the end of the track, "Rain" nicely captures the band in transition from their earlier jangle pop to their later psychedelic sound.  They also recorded three different "promotional films" for this song (what we now call "music videos") -- quite an investment for a B-side. 

Galaxie 500 successfully captures the essence of the original, albeit with a heavier sound courtesy of the live recording.  Their original 7" single was limited to 500 copies and featured "Rain" as the A-side and the B-side featured a live version of "Don't Let Our Youth Go To Waste", the Jonathan Richmond/Modern Lovers cover from their first LP.  Given the rarity of this single, you're more likely to have heard the concatenated version from the posthumously released LP "Uncollected".  Unfortunately, I'm not aware of a studio recording of "Rain" by Galaxie 500.

Galaxie 500: "Rain / Don't Let Our Youth Go To Waste"(mp3)

The Beatles: "Rain" -- video 1, video 2, video 3 (link suggestions welcome)

N.B.   I've been meaning to feature this song for a while, but the rainy start to our time at Ocean Isle Beach, NC has made this especially appropriate.  A rainy day at the beach still beats a sunny day at work...
I can show you
That when it starts to rain
Everything's the same
I can show you
I can show you

Rain, I don't mind
Shine, the weather's fine

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