Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Eagles - "Seven Bridges Road" (spotlight)

I'm getting tired of having to acknowledge the passing of legends...  Yesterday Glenn Frey, co-founder of the Eagles, died.  The Eagles were so good at the entire Southwest, country-rock crossover thing, they experienced an inevitable backlash -- it became cool to hate them because of their success (and the 70s-era excess they represented).  But the truth is anyone who was raised on AOR (now known as classic rock) stations, as this Gen Xer was,  knows most of their songs by heart.

I'll choose to remember them not for any of the dozens of popular songs they wrote, but for a cover of a Steve Young song, "Seven Bridges Road",  they released in 1980 (from "Eagles Live") as their last single before they reunited in 1994.  For a band that spent most of their time fighting each other, the five part harmony of this mostly a cappella song was a nice metaphor for what they could achieve together. 

Eagles - "Seven Bridges Road"

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