Monday, July 25, 2016

Laurie Anderson - "Big Science" (LP Review)

In much the same way as Julee Cruise's "Floating Into the Night", Laurie Anderson's "Big Science" was a prominent feature in the soundtrack for my senior year of college.  One of my roommates (Jason, Terry, or Frey -- I don't recall) had the CD and we all loved it, so it was on heavy rotation.  Prior to living with those guys I had not heard of her before, so when I moved out I quickly got a copy of my own. 

"Big Science" is Anderson's 1982 debut LP (not counting earlier contributions to compilation / joint artist LPs), and its genius lies in finding the oh-so-difficult intersection of legitimate art and pop appeal.  This is the minimalist, electronic, art rock LP for people who would otherwise recoil at the description of "minimalist, electronic, art rock".  You may have heard "O Superman", the center piece of the LP (if not quite the "hit single"), but there is much more to this LP.  Rather than continuing to throw words at this LP, I urge you to just listen to this perfect LP:
  1. "From the Air"
  2. "Big Science"
  3. "Sweaters"
  4. "Walking & Falling"
  5. "Born, Never Asked"
  6. "O Superman (for Massenet)"
  7. "Example #22"
  8. "Let X=X"
  9. "It Tango"
Of the above links, only "O Superman" is an official video (which is excellent).  Otherwise I've tried to link to fan videos, so keep in mind they are other people's interpretation of Anderson's work, not her own. 

Skip 'em songs: none

Standout songs: all (see above; here's the full LP in a playlist).

Final score: 10/10

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