Monday, December 23, 2013

Andy Stott - "Moogfest 2012" (concert)

I've mentioned Andy Stott before (in this DJ Shadow review), but I haven't reviewed any of his material yet.  Part of that is because I'm at a complete loss for words on how to describe his music; "electronic" fails to capture the depth and richness.   Herbert turned me on to Andy Stott almost two years ago (with the two 2011 EPs "Passed Me By" and "We Stay Together") and he's been climbing my iTunes playlist since. 

NPR Music has an hour long live recording of Andy Stott playing at Moogfest, 2012-10-31 in Asheville, NC.  NPR Music also provides a direct link for an MP3.  Until I find the words to describe his music, I urge you to check out this concert.  I haven't worked out the set list yet (and it isn't listed anywhere on the web), but it includes songs from the two EPs mentioned above as well as his 2012 LP "Luxury Problems".

Links: NPR Music, Soundcloud

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