Friday, February 15, 2013

Mariachi El Bronx - "Cell Mates" (spotlight)

Some things you just have to listen to...  "Cell Mates" is the single off the 2009 self-titled LP by Mariachi El Bronx.  The twist is, in a sense, there really is no band called Mariachi El Bronx -- it is just the mariachi alter-ego of the punk band The Bronx.  How does a punk band decide to do mariachi music?  Prolonged cultural exposure, not unlike the observation I made about Danette and myself with respect to hip hop in the review of "My Philosophy".  Quoting frontman Matt Caughthran:
"[the LP] was something that was a part of us that we didn't really realize. I mean, being from Los Angeles and, you know, growing up and surrounded by Mexican culture, it just kind of happened."
I'm not qualified to evaluate this song as mariachi music, but it sure is fun.  And the b-side of this single?  A mariachi cover of Prince's "I Would Die 4 U".  That's right: a punk band masquerading as a mariachi band, covering Prince.

Mariachi El Bronx: "Cell Mates", "I Would Die 4 U"

What do they normally sound like?  The Bronx: "Shitty Future", "False Alarm"

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