Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Barnes and Barnes - "Fish Heads" (forgotten song)

"Fish Heads" is a 1978 single from Barnes and Barnes (it can also be found on their 1980 LP "Voobaha"). The only way you'd hear this on the radio is if you were listening to Dr. Demento. This is a silly (but fun) novelty song, but I'm presenting it here only because I realized that in many of the "forgotten song" entries, I've waxed nostalgic about the early days of MTV and the fact that they would play just about anything that had a video, including some alternative material that otherwise would not be played on the radio (at least in the Hampton Roads region). At that time, MTV had so few videos (and no other programming) that they would have to play "intermissions" (as far as I recall, just image montage videos set to instrumental music) because they had nothing else to show! I must be one of the few that actually remembers this, because I can't even find a clever page to link to describe it (the best I can do is this list of Day 1 Programming for MTV).

So instead of the regularly scheduled modestly successful pop songs, this MTV nostalgia moment features "Fish Heads", with lyrics like "ask a fish head anything you want to / they won't answer, they can't talk". But hey, it had a video so it was put in rotation.

Link: YouTube.

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