Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Cribs - "The New Fellas" (LP review)

"The New Fellas" is the 2nd LP from The Cribs. With this LP they have accomplished what few bands have done before: produce a sophomore effort that surpasses their first LP. In many ways it follows the blue print from their previous release, but the song writing is even better (as if that were possible) and the LP really benefits from the production of Edwyn Collins (of Orange Juice and later, "Girl like you before" fame). Collins brings out the best in the band: they're still garage, but the sound is tighter. In a perfect world, everyone would know who The Cribs are, this LP would be considered one of the classic LPs of all time, and the collaboration between Collins and The Cribs would go on forever (foreshadowing...).

Lyrically, the band continues to flay "the mirror kissing ways of the hipster type" and those who "take drugs, don't eat, have contempt for those you meet". I could quote more witty lyrical nuggets, but you get the point. Nearly every track is classic.

Standout tracks: Hey scenesters!, Martell (acoustic version), Mirror kissers, I'm alright me, We can no longer cheat you, Wrong way to be.

Skip 'em tracks: "Haunted" is a short, acoustic, throw away track that while not bad, has to be considered the weakest on an otherwise perfect LP.

Final score: 10/10

2013-04-07 Edit: It's been about four years since I wrote this review and if anything, my appreciation for this LP has only grown.  I had to laugh (in a sad way) when I read this 2005 review on pitchfork -- some people just didn't "get it" until Lee Ranaldo and Johnny Marr told them The Cribs were cool.  "You were always late / But you always had a story..."

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