Sunday, January 4, 2009

Ric Ocasek - "Something To Grab For" (forgotten song)

This 1982 single from Ric Ocasek's first solo LP, Beatitude, received a bit of radio and MTV airplay. But ultimately it was overshadowed by The Cars oeuvre.

I'm a big fan of The Cars, and their influence on modern pop music is hard to overstate. But... this is a good example of "did he really need to release this solo?" This song is indistinguishable from other songs by The Cars. Was Ocasek holding out some of his better material in anticipation of leaving the band? Was it presented to The Cars and turned down? That seems unlikely (interesting side note: Greg Hawkes, keyboard player for The Cars, played on Beatitude).

So maybe you remember this song. Maybe you remember Marianne Gravatte from the video. But you probably haven't heard it in a while. Rewind to 1982 and give it another listen.

Link: YouTube (live version).

B-side bonus link: "Connect Up To Me".

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