Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Bloody Valentine - "You Made Me Realise" (forgotten song)

"You Made Me Realise" is a 1988 release by My Bloody Valentine. It was first released as a 7" single and then a 12" EP, then a CD. But the CD is out of print and you'll pay stupid $$$ to get a copy. I don't have a copy, so I'm just focusing on the song and not the entire EP.

MBV is one of my favorite bands and their impact reaches beyond their relatively limited output. Discussion of MBV is inevitably dominated by their landmark 1991 "shoegazing" LP "Loveless", one of my favorite LPs of all time. I'll review that LP later, but suffice to say that it was so good it effectively ended the genre because there was nothing left to accomplish after it was released.

It is quite easy to overlook this song, considering: 1) the gravitational pull of "Loveless", 2) this song was never released on an LP, and 3) the EP is out of print. The celebrated MBV sound is still forming and there is more of a conventional song structure. It is "fuzzy", but actually rocks a good bit harder than most of the material on the LP that immediately followed, 1988's "Isn't Anything". It sounds more like MBV covering a Jesus and Mary Chain song, and that's pretty good in my book.

Link: YouTube and last.fm.

Edit: This EP and others are now available on the compilation: "EPs 1988-1991".   I'll review it later, but it is worth getting.

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